Announcing OpenText™ Content Cloud CE 22.1

The OpenText™ Content Cloud offers a broad and deep suite of content management products, providing end-to-end solutions that help organizations maximize the value and minimize the risk of their information.


What does the latest version of OpenText Experience Cloud CE 22.1 give you?

✔️ Relevant, data-driven, modern experiences

✔️ Engagement with customers across multiple channels from a single platform

✔️ Improved decision making, operations, and relevancy through data

In CE 22.1, the following enhancements were made:

  1. Improve collaboration. Seamless bi-directional synchronization between Microsoft Teams and Business Workspaces.
  2. Integrate e-signatures. Enable secure e-signing directly within a SaaS content platform.
  3. Accelerate business processes. 
  4. Help build tailored business and industry solutions.

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