Announcing the official launch of Intella 2.6 & Intella latest updates

Intella 2.6 Highlights

  • Introducing a new product: Intella Investigator.
  • Enhance indexing through crawler scripts.
  • Compound case improvements.
  • Added AI-based image categorization and object detection.
  • Added support for changing the thumbnail size, zooming into a specific thumbnail and other thumbnail usability improvements.
  • Added support for video thumbnails.

Intella Investigator is a new product that combines the best features of its predecessor, Intella TEAM, with those of another product, W4. It has been specifically designed to provide users with a comprehensive and powerful set of tools for managing the server. Intella Investigator is built for workflow to gather and analyze digital evidence in a way that is forensically sound and admissible in a court of law.

Intella Connect 2.6 upgrades includes:

  • Enhanced indexing through crawler scripts
  • Compound case improvements
  • Redesigned Users view
  • Added support for W4 sources
  • Added an embedded video player

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