Belkasoft X v.1.15 is released. Find out what’s new!

Belkasoft Evidence Center X (Belkasoft X) can help you to acquire and analyze a wide range of mobile and computer devices, run various analytical tasks, perform case-wide searches, bookmark artifacts, and create reports.

Major updates for v.1.15 consists of the following:

  • XFS file system supported
  • YARA rules introduced
  • New export type: Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF)
  • Amazon S3 cloud-based image analysis extended
  • NIST RDSv3 hashset format supported
  • Further SIM card cloning improvements made
  • Download of Huawei and Telegram cloud data supported, WhatsApp QR method updated
  • Hangul documents analysis and carving supported
  • Volatility integration improvements made
  • More automation

New and Updated Artifacts

  • iOS
    • Calls (missed/refused/answered statuses are now extracted and visualized)
    • CellularUsage.db (new)
    • Device info is now extracted from GrayKey images and shown on the File System window (under the Device Properties)
  • Android
    • Mail (updated)
    • Phone number is now extracted from GrayKey images
    • Snapchat v11.51.0.37 (updated)
    • Threema v4.59 (updated)
    • Voice mail (decryption supported)
    • Zoom (new)

Click here to find the complete list of new features with details.

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