Belkasoft X v1.13 is now available

Belkasoft X v1.13 is now available. Customers with an active Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) contract can upgrade to this latest version for free. 

Major updates in v.1.13:

  • Nested archives review and analysis
  • Seamless integration of Tableau TX1
  • checkm8-based acquisition of iOS 15.* (including devices running the newest iOS 15.5)
  • New iOS acquisition method: iOS screen capturer
  • BTRFS file system support including snapshots analysis
  • Advanced filters for improved eDiscovery productivity
  • UTC to local time recalculation
  • Extended Android APK downgrade method
  • In-depth support for iOS’ Photos.sqlite analysis
  • New and updated artifacts for mobile and computer sources (including new versions of WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Mega, Evernote, ICQ, Gmail, Kate Mobile, Twitter and other apps)

New and Updated Artifacts:


  • Gmail (updated)
  • WhatsApp (updated)
  • Android
  • Evernote (updated)
  • Facebook (updated)
  • ICQ (updated)
  • Kate Mobile (updated)
  • Mega (updated)
  • Snapchat (updated)
  • Twitter (updated)
  • WhatsApp (updated)


  • Telegram (new)

Updated User interface

  • Email viewer added
  • Created date is shown for volume shadow copy snapshots
  • Export to Evidence Reader can now be done from the Artifacts window (Structure pane)
  • Improvements for color blind users, including hints on bookmark color categories

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