Our Solution Partners

Bounga Informatics Pte Ltd is appointed as the Distributor in Southeast Asia by our 4 principal vendors:

  • Opentext (Available for South East Asia Region)
  • Silicon Forensics (Available for South East Asia Region)
  • Magnet Forensics (Available for Sales in Singapore Only)
  • Cyacomb Forensics (Available for Sales in Singapore only)

We work closely with our solution partners to offer premium & quality I.T. Forensics hardware-software packaged solutions that meets our clients.

We understand that our relationship does not stop there and therefore, the team also pride themselves in conducting training & curriculum so that our cilents are up-to-date in deterring against ever-growing cyber security threats.

Bounga Informatics Pte Ltd is appointed as a Reseller Partner in Southeast Asia by the 10 Brands:

  • Ramsey
  • X-Ways
  • Passware
  • GetData
  • Detego Global
  • Vound
  • Oxford Wave Research
  • Atola
  • MediaClone
  • Cellebrite

We represent them for hardware & software Products for sales in SINGAPORE only.





Hong Kong



No one enjoys immunity from ever-growing cyber security threats, so why should we restrict or limit protection in a region? 

Through our Regional Resellers, we extend hardware-software-training packaged solutions for client's need for top end Cyber Security & I.T. Forensics.

Bounga Informatics Pte Ltd has appointed & authorised 6 Regional Resellers in Southeast Asia.

Together, we consistently strive to expand our outreach of I.T. Product & Services for the following Principal Vendors:

  • Opentext
  • Silicon Forensics

Feel Free to click on the respective brand to visit their websites.