Distributor Announcement: CIA Solutions X Bounga Informatics

Bounga Informatics is pleased to be a reseller of CIA Solutions. We will be able to resell a range of products from Oxygen Forensics, through CIA Solutions.

Oxygen Forensics, Inc. is the leading global digital forensics software provider, giving law enforcement, federal agencies, and enterprises access to critical data and insights faster than ever before. Specializing in mobile devices, cloud, drones and IoT data, Oxygen Forensics provides the most advanced digital forensic data extraction and analytical tools for criminal and corporate investigations.

Product offerings:

  1. Oxygen Forensic® Detective – an an all-in-one forensic software platform built to extract, decode, and analyze data from multiple digital sources: mobile and IoT devices, device backups, UICC and media cards, drones, and cloud services.
  2. Oxygen Forensics® Training – online and live training for today’s forensic experts. Consists of trainings such as Oxygen Forensic Bootcamp, Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extraction, Oxygen Forensic Drone Analysis, and many more.

Click here to find out more about the products Oxygen Forensic has to offer.

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