Distributor Announcement: Voyager Labs X Bounga Informatics

Bounga Informatics is pleased to introduce the new range of products offered by Voyager Labs.

Voyager Labs (founded 2012) applies its AI technology to real-world public safety and risk assessments issues. It products uses unique, award-winning AI technology that enables deep understanding of content, human interactions and connections, which caters to leading government and law enforcement agencies, as well as commercial clients worldwide.

Product offerings:

Voyager Analytics is an AI-based analysis platform, designed to analyze massive amounts of unstructured open, deep, and dark web data, as well as internal data, in order to reveal actionable insights.

Voyager Check is a risk assessment platform that provides an automated indication of individuals who may pose a risk. The platform provides the ability to automatically assess user behavior by answering predefined questions in near real-time, based on analysis of structured and unstructured data from a variety of databases and online sources.

Voyager Vision is a comprehensive visual intelligence platform that offers a full suite of visual data analysis capabilities. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, the platform automatically enables mapping of entities and their relationships including the nature of those relationships, detection of objects, extraction of texts, and more.

Voyager Insights is an advanced AI central investigative platform designed to solve cases by automatically uncovering relevant leads as well as leads investigators were not aware of.

Click here to learn more about what Voyager Labs has to offer.

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