Introducing Belkasoft Remote Acquisition (Belkasoft R)

Belkasoft Remote Acquisition (Belkasoft R) is a new digital forensic and incident response tool released in May 2021. It is developed specifically for forensically sound remote extractions of hard and removable drives, RAM, connected mobile devices, and even specific types of data.

Belkasoft R helps users to break-up endpoints in multiple ways: by assigning a name, group, location, and even a color, which can be used to manage various devices under their control.

This tool is suitable for an incident response analyst or a digital forensic investigator to gather evidence quickly and the devices in question are situated in geographically distributed locations.

Why use Belkasoft Remote Acquisition?

  • With Belkasoft R, there is no longer a need to interrupt an employees’ daily routine or draw excessive attention to your investigation
  • No more geographical challenges and expensive trips
  • No need in having trained specialists in all locations of your organization’s offices
  • Belkasoft R saves you time and money while performing forensically sound remote acquisitions: no more excessive costs and time needed for travel

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