Introducing Detego Unified Solution in v4.2 and v4.3

MCMS has shared with us the roadmaps for Detego Unified Solution in v4.2 and v4.3, these are a summary as the enhancements are many and varied.

In v4.2, the following enhancements will be included:

Database Enhancements. The ability of the database will be enhanced to handle large datasets also there will be the ability to migrate between v4.x and v4.2 databases.

Extension List Update. Further file extensions will be added.

NSRL Lists. The program will allow the import of the National Scientific Research Laboratory lists.

Disk Triage. The program will allow the use of triage to more effectively use examiners time.

Filtering will be applied via a button.

Detego® Field Enhancements; to include “Every job extracts files”, “File viewer shows all files” and “Carving works”.

Automated Backups. The program will now allow Automated Backups.

File Browser UI Speed. File Browser UI Speed will be enhanced.

Time zones. Time zones on evidence will be catered for

X-Ways View. X-Ways View will be added.

Drone Parsing Enhancements; DJI Agras, DJI Matrice 600, DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Inspire 1, DJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4. Additional mapping capability – time, distance, altitude, acceleration graphs

Additional Support for add-ons; Passware 2019 is now included. Oxygen Extractor v11.2 is added.

Detego® for Mobile Devices is introduced

In v4.3, the following enhancements will be included:

Enhanced Graphical User Interface. There will be an enhanced filtering interface and usability within the ‘Evidence Browser’ section leading to: User Interface consistency across all sections & Logical extraction job configuration UI usability

Advanced Text Analytics. A very interesting feature called Sentiment Analysis will be introduced across all messaging apps this will hopefully highlight such traits as: Grooming/luring, threatening behavior, fraudulent activity, bullying & more. Document summarization and Language classification features will also be included.

Selectively run Analytical Processes. Users will now be able to selectively run Analytical Processeson specified/targeted files, filters, and folders.

Portable Investigation Viewer. Investigation teams are able to separate out the task of reviewing, tagging and commenting on files of interest.

PhotoDNA capability. Numerous enhancements have been made.

  • GUI changes for showing any PhotoDNA matches
  • Right click to automatically find PhotoDNA matches for a individual or group of pictures
  • Right click to add a picture to a PhotoDNA Hash list
  • The ability for the user to flex the PhotoDNA match probability i.e. show me everything with a +80% match

Geo lookup, MAC address lookup, PID/VID lookup

Torrent viewer, iWork viewers

Deleted records parser

Fusion Improvements

Navigate to parent is now taggable

Project VIC & CAID import/export JSON files

Hash Lists and Keyword Lists. Numerous enhancements to Hash Lists and Keyword Lists:

  • ‘Add to Hash List’
  • ‘Add to Keyword List’
  • UI for creating Keyword rules for non-technical users (Exact Match, Non-Exact Match, Begins With, Ends With)

Pre-populated keyword lists within Detego® Analyse and Detego® Field: Cryptocurrency, Fraud, IED, Drugs, Terrorism, ISIS etc.

Pre-defined job queues for different crime profiles: Cryptocurrency, Fraud, IED, Drugs, Terrorism, ISIS etc.

Import directly into Detego® Analyse:

  • Cellebrite UFED
  • CFID

Enhanced Boot functionality. Support for additional devices (Details on this is to be confirmed)

  • Dual Detego® Field and Detego® Boot sticks (no need for a separate Boot device)
  • Boot integration

Enhanced Software Write-blocking

Live MAC data acquisition

Software Licensing

Offline Language Translation


Native Detego® App Parsers

If you have an interested in Detego, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo of this amazingly powerful products.