Introducing Magnet AXIOM Cyber 6.2

We are proud to announce Magnet AXIOM Cyber 6.2. This version contains new features, including:

  1. Email explorer. Presents messages in an intuitive and familiar format that mirrors the appearance of common email platforms.
  2. VirusTotal Integration. Gives you the ability to quickly check files against their database of known threats.
  3. Volatile Artifacts. Provides you with unique insights into malware behavior and anti-forensics software or other malicious activities that don’t easily leave detectable evidence trails.

Here is a list of additional improvements made:

New Artifacts  

  • iCloud Devices // Cloud
  • iCloud Server Files // Cloud
  • iOS iMessages/SMS/MMS – App Intents // iOS
  • Refined Results – User Accounts // All Platforms
  • User Accounts // Windows

Updated Artifacts

  • Android Contacts
  • Android Call Logs
  • Android SMS/MMS
  • Android Messages
  • Apple Notes
  • Apple Mail
  • Cloud MBOX Emails
  • Email Attachments
  • iOS Maps
  • iOS Wi-Fi Profiles
  • iVe – Call Logs
  • iVe – Files
  • iVe – SMS
  • Signal Group Members
  • Signal Messages – iOS
  • SIM Card Activity
  • Snapchat Cached Videos
  • Snapchat Chat Messages
  • Wallet Payment Cards
  • Wallet Transactions

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