Introducing VMRay Platform v4.3.0

VMRay has created its first protection product, Email Threat Defender (ETD) , and has officially re-launched it as part of version 4.3.0 of the VMRay Platform.

Why use VMRay v4.3.0?

  •  There is an dramatic increases in the volume and success of phishing attacks and migration to cloud email require a reevaluation of email security controls and processes
  • A company’s cybersecurity posture and reputation is quickly becoming the foundation for its success.
  • Companies have expressed dissatisfaction with available email security capabilities and are choosing to supplement with third-party products

With VMRay Platform V4.3.0, coupled with the new ETD. It scans every single email that comes in to your company, providing the all-important supplement to your native email security package and prevents Evasive malware, ransomware, zero-day threats and spear phishing attacks that is catastrophic for your business and brand.

In v4.3.0, the following enhancements were made

VMRay Analyzer; Simplified Pricing Plans and Pay-Per-Use (PPU): The brand new Pay-Per-Use (PPU) functionality means you can keep analyzing no matter how busy you get because you can just pay for more Verdicts and Reports on an as-needed basis.

VMRay Analyzer; Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) supports Custom Roles: Create custom roles for users, and modify individual permissions for each new role. This gives Account Managers (Cloud) and Administrators (On Premises) total control over who gets to see and use what functionality.

VMRay Analyzer;Adaptive Browser Simulation: The Adaptive Browser Simulation feature which enables us to continuously update these rules. The rules are then automatically distributed using the Signature and Detection Update feature that we introduced in v4.2.

VMRay Analyzer;Improved Excel Worksheet Parser: Improved the VTI scoring and enhanced the information provided in the analysis reports.

VMRay Analyzer;Additional Windows Support: We have added dynamic analysis that target environment support for Windows 10 19H1 (version 1903) and Windows 10 19H2 (version 1909).

VMRay Analyzer;Enhanced REST API Documentation and References: API References have been streamlined and enhanced, including the addition of an Index of All Endpoints chapter for easier lookup of the exact endpoint you need. An ETD API Reference has also been added covering ETD-specific functions and parameters.

If you are interested in VMRay 4.3.0, click here for more information.