OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic CE 21.3 is now available

CE 21.3 is a cloud-first platform that powers digital businesses of all sizes to become more intelligent, secure and connected.

With OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic CE 21.3, it is designed to help improve user productivity and the overall user experience through features such as enhanced online activity collection, synchronized navigation, triage view, and Microsoft® Azure integration.

In CE 21.3, the following enhancements were made:

  • Enhanced online activity collection. Collect artifacts directly from cloud-based collaboration and storage applications including Microsoft® Teams, Amazon S3, Dropbox and Box.
  • Consolidated navigation. Collect related evidence from multiple sources.
  • Triage view. Get a high-level view of evidence file types and counts to help narrow investigation points.
  • Microsoft Azure integration. Deploy within Azure to provide investigators a pre-configured system that includes virtual machines, standard system configurations, and allocation of Azure storage and compute power. Evidence can also be output directly to Azure.

CE 21.3 new updates:

  • Reach deeper to find more evidence. OpenText™ EnCase Forensic and EnCase Endpoint Investigator build upon the social media artifact enhancements delivered in CE 21.2, is taken a step further by collecting artifacts directly from cloud-based collaboration and storage applications including MS Teams, Amazon S3, DropBox and Box.
  • Enhance the user experience. Increased workflow performance by optimizing navigation for collecting related evidence from different sources, and displays triage view showing evidence file types and counts to help narrow investigation points.
  • Optimize enablement within the cloud. Investigators have the ability to output evidence directly to Microsoft Azure. Also delivers automated EnCase deployment within Azure, providing an investigator with a pre-configured system that includes virtual machines, standard system configurations and allocation of Azure storage and compute power.

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