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OpenText™ EnCase™ EndPoint Security

Product Description

Every day, hundreds of thousands of alerts are generated by the individual components of a DiD (Defense-in-Depth) system. However, these components have no way to validate, triage, and analyze each event for signs of potential trouble. That’s where EnCase Endpoint Security comes in. The EnCase Endpoint Security platform – designed specifically to coordinate with other tools – can be programmed to detect alerts that may pose a problem by validating information on the endpoint and verifying whether the event merits further investigation. It also enables security teams to access pertinent data more quickly to stop any potential data breach in its tracks.

EnCase Endpoint Security organizes data points into a timeline with individual events flanked by condensed information about what happened before and after the event. Armed
with this intelligence, your security team can:

  • Verify the individual components of a potential threat
  • Search other endpoints for the same threat
  • Remediate the issue using EnCase Endpoint Security


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