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OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic 21.1

Encase Forensic 21.1 includes international language support, allowing customers across the globe to work with EnCase in their native language.

21.1 also simplifies license management, saving customers time during the licensing process and improving useability.

Additionally, EnCase Forensic 21.1 now supports UNC path collection and live directory previews for simplified workflow, faster access to evidence and the ability to preview a target device’s file directory.


OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic is recognized globally as the gold standard for digital forensics and is a court-proven solution built for deep-level digital forensic investigation, powerful processing and integrated investigation workflows with flexible reporting options. It is built with a deep understanding of the digital investigation lifecycle and the importance of maintaining evidence integrity. EnCase Forensic empowers any examiner to seamlessly complete any investigation, even those involving mobile devices. 

Reliable acquisition of evidence
With EnCase Forensic, examiners can be confident the integrity of the evidence will not be compromised. All evidence captured with EnCase Forensic is stored in the court-accepted EnCase evidence file formats. 

Deep forensic analysis
EnCase Forensic has been used in thousands of court cases and is known for its ability to uncover evidence that may go unnoticed if analyzed with other solutions.

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