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OpenText™ EnCase™ Mobile Investigator CE 21.1

OpenText™ EnCase™ Mobile Investigator CE 21.1 increases evidence visibility by allowing investigators to quickly search for emojis in all types of evidence for more thorough data examination.


EnCase™ Mobile Investigator now features faster, more organized access to evidence through an enhanced document viewer with the ability to organize bookmarked data with tags and new file name properties.

With EnCase™ Mobile Investigator, you can intuitively review, analyze, bookmark, and report all mobile evidence relevant to your case within a single framework. It’s specifically designed to enhance the way investigators review critical mobile device evidence. Best of all, it’s built with a deep understanding of evidence integrity, so that you can seamlessly complete any investigation with peace of mind. With evidence support ranging from text messages, call records, photos to application data. EnCase Mobile Investigator empowers investigators to seamlessly work the case thoroughly and efficiently.

Intuitive Evidence Review
Easily review parsed mobile device evidence from the widest variety of mobile devices including text messages, e-mails, call records, cloud repositories associated with mobile device, internet history, photos, application data, and deleted data.

Unmatched Support
With frequent operating system and application updates in EnCase Mobile Investigator, examiners can keep up with the constant evolution of mobile devices and mobile applications that they come across.

Unrivaled Access
Several built-in bypass functions for select phones so that no evidence within a device can be hidden and unable to access.

Comprehensive Data Support
Comprehensive set of data sources including SQLite, Plists, archives, PDF, HTML and more can be investigated using the file viewer feature.

Powerful OCR
Empowers instigators to find, extract, and analyze data within graphic files using Optical Character Recognition.

Powerful Cloud Application Visibility
Gather and review evidence from a suspect’s cloud-based account such as Google Drive, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Robust Search
Regular Expression Review feature allows investigators to locate credit cards, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

Simplified Report Generation
Several customizable reporting options; including HTML, Timeline, PDF, and many other report variations.

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