OpenText™ EnCase™ Risk Manager

Product Description

With little to no visibility into the location of sensitive data, security, legal and compliance teams are often stuck in reactionary mode when it comes to breaches, lawsuits and regulatory action. OpenText™ EnCase™  Risk Manager enables organizations to move from reactive to proactive.

EnCase Risk Manager is the only solution designed to provide a complete understanding of where sensitive data exists across the enterprise and delivers the power to eliminate
or migrate errant sensitive data. EnCase Risk Manager provides complete coverage across the widest range of operating systems and data stores through the proven EnCase endpoint agent, ensuring complete visibility into all data, even if deleted or encrypted. Some of the largest companies and government agencies in the world trust this technology to expose security and legal risks, improve business intelligence and ensure regulatory compliance.

Proactive risk mitigation

Knowing where sensitive data resides in advance of a breach, lawsuit or regulatory action is the first step in an organization’s ability to mitigate associated risks. EnCase Risk Manager paints a complete picture of where and what type of sensitive data exists across operating systems and data stores throughout the enterprise. Organizations can discover unknown risks, ensure relevant systems receive appropriate protection and make certain there are no “smoking guns” lying dormant within unstructured data.

Comprehensive discovery

With EnCase Risk Manager, users can define and locate custom data types, such as schematics, source code and financial statements or leverage out-of-the-box templates for common sensitive data, such as credit cards, email addresses and government ID cards. Enterprise scans peer deep into content and metadata using data analytics, near-match analysis and proximity search to deliver comprehensive results through tiered visualizations down to the content level. Users can also classify and report results by data type, users, geography and more. Over time, the system learns what is important to a user, reducing false positives as it receives more input.

Deep visibility

Built on industry-standard EnCase technology, EnCase Risk Manager delivers a level of visi- bility unmatched by any other solution of its kind. The unified endpoint agent relied upon by all EnCase products reveals all relevant information, no matter if it is deleted, encrypted or locked by the resident operating system. With this visibility, coupled with its comprehensive discovery capabilities, EnCase Risk Manager delivers confidence in its findings.

Powerful remediation

Regulations such as the GDPR and PCI-DSS require that organizations have the means to elim- inate stale or unwanted information. EnCase Risk Manager remediates data in unauthorized locations through digital removal, relocation and other control actions, mitigating the risk of loss or theft of sensitive information. It enables organizations to comply with internal and external privacy regulations and produce detailed reports on risk exposure and reduction.

Unlike other tools, EnCase Risk Manager locates sensitive data before it causes issues, gives granular control over scans to reduce false positives, reaches unstructured data wherever it resides and maps sensitive data at the content level.


  • Patented Graf technology Automated remediation
    Provides ability to view file content and remediate sensitive files from one location, or every location, where that information resides
  • Distributed processing
    Enables non-disruptive operations and enterprise scalability via asynchronous connections, smart agent technology and distributed processing
  • Complete relational data intelligence Purpose-built dashboards
    Delivers ability to correlate sensitive data to machines, users, geo-location and other data points, providing additional context for greater insight
  • Allows users to identify and categorize sensitive data at the paragraph-level Allows for clear review and reporting on risk distribution and reduction as sensitive data manifests throughout an organization
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