Product Description

Intella Connect is a web-enabled browser based review platform that allows multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter. It has an intuitive workflow that helps reviewers of all levels get the job done.

Intella Connect enables organizations to:

  • Search unstructured data and ESI using only a web browser
  • Search by using a browser with no need to install software
  • Simplify the administration of both setup and review multi-user cases
  • Deliver improved productivity via a workflow that enables a broader range of professionals to undertake document review
  • Works with browsers on both Windows and Apple operating systems


Intella Connect or Connect Plus are software applications that allow reviewers to collectively search ESI processed with Intella utilizing most commonly available web browsers.

The applications are managed and installed on a server in your environment. You control whether Intella Connect or Connect Plus are only accessible on your local network, or if it is hosted on the cloud for access by remote users.

The administrator only needs the single Intella Connect installer file to manage access and reviewers. Setup takes 20 to 30 minutes maximum. Reviewers do not need a dongle or any other software installed. They can use a compatible web browser to review a case and data; no installation or download is required by reviewers.

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