intella team
Product Description

Intella Team enables multiple individuals to review unlimited amounts of evidence independently or simultaneously, with one case administrator. Team members’ work can be consolidated into a single result, facilitating collaborative investigations.

Key Features:

  • Collaborative review
  • Network-based case sharing
  • Email threading
  • Cluster map technology


Intella Team Manager
Intella Team Manager is the primary component and performs three critical functions: processing the case data or evidence, sharing the case between team members, and updating the case based on the reviewing decisions from the team members.

Intella Viewer
Intella Viewer is an optional companion for Intella Team. Viewer allows other investigators to view the shared case on different computers. Intella Viewer provides the ability for team members to independently search, filter, bookmark, tag, and comment on items in a case. This work product is transferred back to the Team Manager where the master case is updated with the changes. Note that Intella Viewer does not have any processing capability.

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