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Magnet ATLAS 2.0: New Customizations, Productivity Tracking, and Integration Capabilities

With Magnet ATLAS 2.0, we added new improvements to help you easily measure lab efficiency and productivity, seamlessly integrate ATLAS into your existing ecosystem using the ATLAS API, and new customization features to help you fit ATLAS to how you work. 


Magnet ATLAS enables you to organize, manage, and report on all aspects of a digital forensics investigation while upholding the chain of custody. Digital forensics labs are making do with band-aid solutions for workflow and case management cobbling together spreadsheets, different databases, Word docs, and tools that aren’t made for forensics investigations. You need an easy-to-use solution that organizes cases and keeps the chain of custody without the need for excessive training.

Our Solution

Maintain the Chain of Custody: 

  • Document all evidence sources, examinations and individuals involved in the investigation. 
  • Easily review past investigations to ensure that appropriate procedures were followed. 

Manage Investigations: 

  • Quickly assign cases to the appropriate examiner. 
  • Notify stakeholders with case updates when investigative milestones are reached.
  • Easily submit cases to the digital forensics lab via a web form. Evidence, Case & Expense 


  • ATLAS makes it easy to generate both the real-time and historical statistics you need to build reports for your stakeholders. 
  • Since ATLAS keeps a holistic record of digital forensic examinations, it’s easy to review prior cases and quickly pinpoint areas of interest. Enhance Collaboration:
  • ATLAS makes it easy for any team member to kick-off and contribute to a digital forensic investigation, ensuring that everyone stays in-the-loop—no matter where they’re located. 

Data Security: 

  • With role-based permissions, password protection, AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest, and TLS/SSL encryption for data in transit, you can be assured that your agency’s data is protected. 

Easy to Use: 

  • Gone are the confusing and cluttered screens that pass for case management. No matter your skill level, ATLAS’ elegant user-interface makes it easy for any user to track the progress and review the findings of both current and past investigations.

Integrate with ATLAS API: 

  • With the ATLAS API, integrate and connect with other tools in your existing ecosystem to trigger key tasks in ATLAS such as creating a new case, adding evidence to a case, pulling aggregated statistics, and more
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