magnet atlas
Product Description

Magnet ATLAS is a case management solution that lets you bring together all of the pieces of the investigation. Not just the evidence, but the lab resources, examination procedures, and results – ensuring that the chain of custody remains intact and that all cases can be reviewed.

Easily Organize Digital Forensic Investigations
You are making do with band-aid solutions for workflow and case management: cobbling together spreadsheets, different databases, Word docs, and tools that aren’t made for forensics cases. You need an easy-to-use solution that organizes cases and keeps the chain of custody without the need for excessive training.

As is the case with all evidence, the documentation of digital evidence is critical for maintaining the chain of custody. With ATLAS, you can track all evidence sources, examinations, and individuals who came in contact with evidence—ensuring that the full history is preserved.

Create a standardized workflow with ATLAS. New cases are started by simply filling out a customizable web form that notifies the digital forensic team and once an investigation starts, all evidence, procedures, investigators, examiners, results and tools are logged in ATLAS.

ATLAS allows you to review historical data to discover efficiencies, spot trends, and improve predictive analysis. Additionally, you can review past investigations to ensure that appropriate procedures were followed. Since ATLAS keeps a holistic record of digital forensic examinations, it’s easy to review prior cases and quickly pinpoint areas of interest.”

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