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Magnet AXIOM 4.0: Faster. Flexible. Trusted

Magnet AXIOM 4.0 and an updated Magnet AXIOM Cyber are now available to download within AXIOM. With this next step in AXIOM’s evolution, we’ve brought huge enhancements to the speed, flexibility, and reliability of AXIOM. And with AXIOM Cyber, we’re excited to introduce remote collection of Macs and Azure virtual machine image acquisitions.


Recover digital evidence from the most sources, including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images.

Use powerful and intuitive tools to quickly surface the most relevant evidence.
Get Evidence from Smartphones, Computers, and the Cloud.

Magnet AXIOM’s advanced parsing and carving techniques get the most evidence from each source of data. Evidence can be presented in a clear and direct way with easy reporting on the results. Plus, with features like Connections, Timeline, and Magnet.AI, you can automatically generate insights that could lead to important breakthroughs in your examinations.

Recovery Evidence from the most sources

  • Acquire images from locked and unlocked iOS devices using GrayKey and easily ingest them with AXIOM — giving you the most advanced solution for iOS devices. 
  • Bypass passwords on thousands of Android models with exploits and advanced extraction capabilities. 
  • Recover evidence from Windows-based computers and Macs.
  • Retrieve data from 50+ of the most popular cloud services including iCloud, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and more–including additional support for cloud services like publicly available Twitter information, warrant returns from six different providers including Apple and Facebook, and user-request data from Facebook, Google, and Skype. 

Surface the most relevant data

  • AXIOM’s artifacts-first approach brings the most relevant data and artifacts to the surface—saving you time and effort. 
  • Advanced parsing and carving techniques recover the deepest artifact data from 1000+ artifacts. 
  • Industry-leading discovery of chat, picture, browser history, and location data. • Discover more macOS artifacts with AXIOM such as AirDrop, Live Photos, KTX files, and iCloud Tabs. 
  • Enhance investigations with recovery and analysis of memory artifacts with Volatility integrated in AXIOM. 

Work your investigations faster

  • Use powerful Analytics tools like Connections to automatically show relationships between artifacts, files, and people and Timeline to present evidence on a visual timeline that immediately tells a story. 
  • Magnet.AI leverages machine learning and content-based image retrieval (CBIR) to search pictures and flag potential CSAM, nudity, weapons, drugs, and more; Magnet.AI . 
  • Case Dashboard immediately identifies key areas of interest and kicks-off investigations with one click. 
  • Detailed Scan Summary and Error Reporting provides the information needed to proceed with confidence, improving the defensibility and reproducibility of examinations. 
  • AXIOM’s flexible Exports allow you to choose the data that is most relevant to your case to be included in your report, and with Export Templates you can improve the efficiency and consistency of reporting agency-wide.
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