Tableau T356789IU Forensic Universal Bridge

Product Description

The Tableau Forensic Universal Bridge is an integrated write-blocker that mounts in a drive bay of a forensic workstation and supports forensic acquisitions of SATA, USB 3.0, PCIe, SAS, FireWire 800, and IDE.

A second-generation Tableau product, replacing the Tableau Forensic Combo Bridge [T35689iu].


  • Mounts in one 5.25” half-height drive bay
  • Color LED indicators for “Write Block” or “Read/Write” mode visibility
  • USB 3.0 host computer connection
  • Two SATA power connectors
  • Read/write mode capabilities for all device ports via internal DIP switch
  • Free Tableau firmware updates


Connectors: Host Side (Rear)

  • Data One USB 3.0 Standard-B connector
  • DC Input Two SATA 15-pin (male) connectors for input DC power
  • Connectors: Device, Write-Blocked (Front Panel)
  • PCIe One PCIe custom data + power connector (for Tableau PCIe cable)
  • SATA/SAS One SATA/SAS data connector (SAS Gen. 1, SATA Gen. 2)
  • SATA One SATA (Gen. 3) data connector
  • USB 3.0 One USB 3.0 Standard-A connector
  • FireWire One FireWire800 9-pin connector
  • IDE One IDE signal connector
  • DC Out One DC Out 3M 4-pin drive power connector (for IDE, SAS, SATA & PCIe)


  • DIP Switch The 4-position DIP switch (located on the rear of the unit) configures user-selectable options that aren’t required for normal operation. See the Forensic Bridge DIP Switch Configuration Guide for more information

Other Features

  • Status LEDs Six LEDs: Power, Device (detect), Host (detect), Activity, Write-block (closed lock), Read-Write (open lock)

Host/Computer Interface Compatibility

  • USB 3.0 Controllers Most USB 3.0 controllers should be compatible (Note: For the best USB 3.0 performance, ensure the latest host controller driver and BIOS update are applied
    Note: This product does not support UASP, but enabling USB 3.0 controller Turbo mode, or equivalent, may still improve performance with certain OS and controller/driver combinations
  • Host OS Windows 7, 8, 10 / Macintosh OS X / Most modern Linux distributions (Note: Linux distributions have varying levels and quality of support for USB 3.0)

Physical / Environmental

  • Power 9.5 watts typical operating (not including attached storage devices)
  • Supply Voltage (DC IN) +5V @ 1.65A (min), +12V @ 0.1A (min)
  • Output Voltage (DC OUT) +5VDC @ 2A, +12VDC @2A
  • Relative Humidity Up to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Operating Temperature Range 0 to 55 degrees C (no airflow)
  • Storage Temperature Range -20 to 60 degrees C
  • Dimensions 5.875 in. (L) x 5.75 in. (W) x 1.625 in. (H)
  • Weight 11.2oz (320g)
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Optional Items

Adapter Kit 5 Pcs (TKDA-PCIE-5PC)