Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager

Product Description

Tableau Forensic Imager [TX1] The next generation, replacing the Tableau TD3.

The new Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager sets the standard for next-generation Forensic Imaging – And it’s easy to see why.
One look and you will notice the stylish design of the TX1 that finally brings digital forensic products into the twenty-first century.
It features a beautiful and intuitive user interface on a tablet-sized touch-screen, providing a delightful user experience.
The TX1 is also a behemoth under the hood, making it the fastest and most powerful forensic imager on the market.

Additional features include:

  • Superior local and network imaging performance without compromises
  • Images SATA, USB 3, PCIe, SAS, FireWire 800, IDE, and network shares
  • Outputs to SATA, USB 3, SAS, and network shares
  • Supports up to two active “forensic” jobs at a time (simultaneous imaging)
  • Job queuing option for efficiency and convenience
  • Up to four destinations per source with the ability to mix clone/image duplication and local/network destinations
  • Media Utility options of: view drive details, wipe, format, blank check, view & disable HPA/DCO, whole disk encryption, view S.M.A.R.T., and eject media
  • On screen real-time notifications/feedback with audible feedback options

Tableau Forensic Imager [TX1] The next generation, replacing the Tableau TD3.

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Optional Items

Tableau PCIe 5pc Adapters (TKDA7-5PC) + $289.00 Tableau SATA/IDE 7pc Adapters (TKDA-SATA-IDE-7PC) + $239.00 Tableau IDE Adapter Kit for TX1 Only (TKDA7-5) Cable Kit (TC-USB3, TC7-9-9 Firewire, TC7-4-9, TC7-6-9)

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