Product Description

Given their heavy reliance on email communication, enterprises put a high premium on fast, accurate detection of email threats. Addressing this ubiquitous challenge, VMRay Email Threat Defender (ETD) delivers an extra level of email defense for large, security-minded organizations.

VMRay Email Threat Defender complements anti-Spam and anti-Phishing solutions and detects email threats that other defences miss.

  • Scans incoming mail and extracts potentially malicious attachments and URLs
  • Accurate detection, without human intervention
  • Scales easily to support increased email volumes without hurting performance


Scans incoming mail and extracts potentially malicious attachments and URLs, which are subjected to an escalating detection process.

Email users are auto-notified when an email has been compromised.

Detection results can be used by other security tools to automate block/allow actions.

Key Facts

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS
  • Coverage: Full range of file types and URLs
  • Deployment: Cloud or on-premises
  • Integration: 25+ built-in connectors for web, email, SOAR, EPP/EDR and other tools
  • Compliance: GDPR-compliant, ISO-27001 certified
  • Support for industry standards: MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework, YARA rules, STIX™ and others
  • Tailored environments: Golden images and cloud localization for optimizing detection of targeted malware
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