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Active Email Threat Detection for Enterprises

VMRay Email Threat Defender enables organizations to fend off phishing and targeted email attacks using VMRay’s unique agentless threat detection technology. Integrate VMRay Email Threat Defender into any email deployment with minimal configuration to ensure that your enterprise networks are protected from malicious inbound emails.

Given their heavy reliance on email communication, enterprises put a high premium on fast, accurate detection of email threats. Addressing this ubiquitous challenge, VMRay Email Threat Defender delivers an extra level of email defense for large, security-minded organizations.

Based on VMRay’s industry-leading sandboxing solution for malware analysis and detection, VMRay Email Threat Defender subjects email attachments and URLs to a multistage winnowing process. In milliseconds, the system identifies and dismisses benign elements while submitting known or suspected malware to increasing levels of scrutiny.

VMRay’s solution detects even the most evasive malware threats. In turn, detection results can be used by diverse security systems to automate block/allow decisions and other protection measures. While VMRay Email Threat Defender is not an anti-spam or anti-phishing solution, it complements those tools and fills the security gaps they leave.
The solution can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

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