UAV Analysis : UAV (Drone) Forensics

Course Information

This three-day course will equip you with the practical skills and competencies required to identify and extract sources of data recoverable from drones and their associated control devices, in line with recognized best practice.

Using leading research and development from Spyder Forensics, this course will also prepare you to conduct forensically sound extraction and analysis of drone data for use as intelligence gathering or in evidence.

This course uses non-destructive processes to extract and analyze the data from the controller application, handheld device and UAV.

Primary Learning Outcomes

Become proficient in the extraction of UAV controller data from mobile devices and UAV’s using industry recognized forensic software.

Recognize types of data available from drones, their linked devices and third-party sources.

Conduct forensic extractions of data from the leading drone devices,
analyze extracted data effectively to produce reports fit for use in criminal justice proceedings.


You will receive a student manual, lab exercises and other class-related material, Drone and other hardware
Students will have the ability to learn how to fly a UAV and collect data from the handset and drone.

Course Outline

• Introduction to UAV Forensics

o Introduction to drones
o Criminal use of drones
o Manufacturers
o Attack vectors – risks to public safety
o Drone adaptation
o Capacity/Capability of drones
o Health and Safety – Handling and seizure
o Health and Safety – LiPo Batteries
o Linked devices – controller considerations
o Digital v Physical Evidence
o Packaging/Storage and continuity

• Extraction techniques

o Extraction and interpretation of data contained on the UAV
o Extraction and interpretation of data from portable devices

o Basic analysis of Drone application data

o Extraction of controller data.

• Advanced extraction and Analysis

o Flight recorder “Black box”
o Examination process
o Teardown of drone
o Controller and APP considerations
o Conversion of extracted files
o Analysis of key data artefacts
o Simplification of data – graphical representation
o Mapping of flight paths.

• Interpretation of data

o Using opensource and commercial forensic tools to review data
o Techniques in the interpretation of data.

• Presentation of Evidence capable of acceptance at court

o Discussion on courtroom preparation and presentation

• Report Writing

o Overview of UAV report considerations.

• Final Assessment

o Student knowledge assessment.

Who Should Attend

Course Type: Specialized

Course Pre-Requisites

To get the most out of this class, you should:
• Have minimal experience of forensic examinations.



Course Duration / Dates

Duration (Days): 3

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Course Fees

Tuition Fees: SGD3620.00

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