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Essential Forensic Techniques II

Essentials Forensic Techniques II will delve into more complex concepts, including the specific data points found within any iOS, Windows and/or Mac OS X analysis. Operating systems and file systems leave complex artifacts in both active and unallocated space, all of which will this course covers in detail. It is because BlackBag’s instructors remain in…

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Essential Forensic Techniques I

EFT I is the perfect way to quickly and effectively learn how to navigate the most important Mac, iPhone, iPad and PC device areas. For years, BlackBag has remained a highly reliable, go-to resource when detectives and investigators need advice regarding what to do with seized digital devices, in terms of both acquiring and analyzing…

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Digital Forensic Basics

INTRODUCTORY FORENSIC TRAINING STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE MOST CURRENT, RELEVANT, AND CREDIBLE TRAINING IN THE INDUSTRY WITH BLACKBAG’S COMPREHENSIVE MULTI-DEVICE INVESTIGATION TRAINING. This two-day course provides examiners with an introduction to digital forensics. Whether you are first learning the fundamentals forensic investigation techniques or interested in seeing BlackBag’s tools in action, this course…

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