Course Catalogue & Schedule

We are proud to be the Authorized Training Partners for many of the world’s leading digital and mobile forensic providers.

Bounga Informatics Pte. Ltd. has been an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of Guidance Software since – 2016. They have been recognized by Guidance Software for training the greatest number of students worldwide in 2017. In addition to training students in Singapore, Bounga has been authorized by GSI to conduct a number of training in other localities .Bounga is also the Authorised Training Partner for several additional forensic software/ hardware providers. Bounga has a purpose built state of the art training classroom in the CBD in Singapore.

Forensics - Introductory

  • DF120 - Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase® Forensic

Forensics - Intermediate

  • DF210 - Building an Investigation with EnCase® Forensic
  • DF310 - EnCE® Prep Course

Forensics - Expert

  • DF320 - Advanced Analysis of Windows Artifacts with EnCase® Forensic
  • DF420 - Macintosh Examinations with EnCase® Forensic
  • DFIR350 - Internet-based Investigations with EnCase® Forensic
  • DFIR450 - EnScript® Programming

e-Discovery - Intermediate

  • EnCase® eDiscovery v5

Cybersecurity - Intermediate

  • IR280 - EnCase® Endpoint Security Training

Digital Forensics (Level 1 – Foundations)

This course allows participants to understand the fundamentals of Digital Forensics. Basic knowledge of the skills required for Digital Forensics will be taught along with industry wide processes. • How computers work / What constitutes digital • What constitutes Digital Forensics • Where may Digital Evidence be found • Preservation and security of evidence •…

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