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We are proud to be the Authorized Training Partners for many of the world’s leading digital and mobile forensic providers.

Bounga Informatics Pte. Ltd. has been an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of Spyder Forensics. Bounga has a purpose built state of the art training classroom in the CBD in Singapore.

Spyder Forensics

  • DF - DSF (201) : Digital Forensics - Data Storage Foundations
  • DF - WAA (302) : Windows® 10 Advanced Analysis
  • DF - UAV Analysis (401) : UAV Drone Analysis
  • DF - CCI (501) : CryptoCurrency Investigator

DF – WAA : Windows® 10 Advanced Analysis

The Advanced Windows Forensics training is a four-day course that will introduce the participant to the many forensically relevant artifacts on a Microsoft 10 Windows system. Students will learn to use various applications and utilities to successfully identify, process, understand and document numerous Windows artifacts that are vitally important to forensic investigations. The participant will…

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UAV Analysis : UAV (Drone) Forensics

This three-day course will equip you with the practical skills and competencies required to identify and extract sources of data recoverable from drones and their associated control devices, in line with recognized best practice. Using leading research and development from Spyder Forensics, this course will also prepare you to conduct forensically sound extraction and analysis…

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DF – CCI : CryptoCurrency Investigator

Until fairly recently, cryptocurrencies were a concept very much confined to the realms of hackers, criminals and other digital enthusiasts. Then, throughout 2016 – 2018, many ransomware cyber-attack cases were publicised in the media, with CryptoCurrency becoming a buzzword surrounding the attention. This only intensified with the value of Bitcoin reaching an all-time high in…

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DF-DSF : Digital Forensics – Data Storage Foundations

This three-day course is designed for the examiner tasked with recovery of data on collected electronic evidence. The course covers in depth architecture and functionality of the Windows NT File System (NTFS), the FAT and the ExFAT File Systems and related directory entry information for locating files on electronic devices. Attendees will gain insight into…

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