VMRay unveils new product portfolio

VMRay has announced the upcoming release of a new product portfolio consisting of three new products: FinalVerdict, DeepResponse, and TotalInsight. The diversified product portfolio aims at responding to three major trends in security operations:

  • The need to automate security operations to increase SOC productivity as the volume of alerts and false positives are constantly increasing
  • The need to accelerate incident response with reliable, fast, and efficient analysis of malware and phishing threats
  • The need enable organizations to build customized, reliable, and actionable Threat Intelligence to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape

VMRay FinalVerdict:

The single source of truth for Security Automation

With VMRay FinalVerdict, organizations will be able to overcome these challenges by automating, accelerating, and scaling alert triage and investigation with noise-free and accurate input they need to automate tasks with peace of mind. As the single reliable source of truth, VMRay FinalVerdict provides timely and definitive verdicts about malware and phishing threats in high-volume-alert environments to increase SOC productivity. With seamless integrations through dedicated connectors or Rest API, FinalVerdict can be used to triage the alerts received from EDRs, investigate and enrich alerts for SOAR playbooks, and validate user-reported phishing alerts in an automated way.

VMRay DeepResponse:

World’s most advanced malware & phishing analysis solution

DeepResponse provides in-depth and noise-free reports needed to mitigate and respond to unknown, targeted, or sophisticated file and URL-based threats. With a focus on speed and efficiency, DeepResponse is designed to reduce incident response times and improve the ROI of otherwise time-intensive threat analysis processes.

VMRay TotalInsight:

Build reliable, actionable and unique Threat Intelligence 

VMRay introduces TotalInsight to enable organizations to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape with new threats and targeted attacks that damage security posture. With TotalInsights, government organizations, enterprises operating in highly regulated industries, and MSSPs can build their own tailor-made threat intelligence against targeted, custom-crafted, and industry-specific threats. TotalInsight is built for Threat Intelligence teams that demand scalability and efficiency in their threat intelligence process.

The new products will be available with both cloud and on-premises deployment options with the 2023.2.0 release that will come out on April 01

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